PPPoker is a revelation in the world of poker. It’s the best and the easiest way to play poker with your friends without the hassle of paying rake or visiting a shady private poker club. It is increasingly becoming popular in the Asian market especially in Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and India. All you have to do is download the app, create a poker room and then start a new table. There are three options to choose from; Hold’em, PLO, and Sit and Go. You choose the stakes, buy-in, rake, and the duration of the table.

I’m also impressed by their overall strategy. The creators of PPPoker knew that they can’t directly compete with the big global names in terms of traffic or the marketing budget. So, they ventured and solved a very real problem poker players were facing; in Asia predominantly. They created private tables. This led to its popularity (word-of-mouth) is the best and the cheapest form of marketing. 
PPPoker has revolutionized the way Indians plays poker online. Since poker hasn’t been fully legalized in India, players are forced to either play on private tables or on online platforms. The downside being, paying hefty rake as well as avoiding the authorities. PPPoker offered a simple solution which addressed a big problem. Now, you can play poker to your hearts’ content without fearing the authorities or paying high rakes. Of course, the online PPPoker organizer will charge rake but it is generally lower than online poker rooms. 

Numerous poker clubs have mushroomed recently offering various stakes and games. Earlier, there were just two options; either to play online or visit a private poker house. There were all kinds of issues there: high rake, collusion, cheating, chances of a police raid, etc. A private online room takes care of all these issues. PPPoker is a transparent platform with a great interface. There are numerous features which take care of all that you might expect from a poker room. There is also a proximity tracker which alerts you when two players on a table might be sitting in close proximity to each other! Isn’t that neat?

All this might sound hunky-dory; however, there is a dark side too. There are times when clubs/players default on payments. There are a number of reasons why this might happen; not just in India but other countries as well. First of all, players don’t have control over their emotions. They lose a big hand, get on tilt, and ask for additional bigger buy-ins to cover their losses. In most online PPPoker rooms, payments aren’t made immediately and there is a set settlement date. A player might default on payments either due to lack of funds or they might not intend to pay later on. Even club owners might default on payments, either they get busted playing on their own tables or get busted elsewhere, or they plan to take the money and make a run for it! Payment defaults are a real phenomenon on PPPoker. With this being said, there isn’t total despair. There is an ample number of trusted and dependable online PPPoker clubs. 

All in all, I’m quite fond of PPPoker. In my books, it gets a thumbs-up in all departments. It would be awesome if they are able to integrate (or switch to) smart-contracts and blockchain technology on their platform and create a system where funds are guaranteed for the player as well as the organizer.