New Study Looks to Determine Most Intelligent Sports Fans

For some sports fans, there’s now some science to show they know more about the game than rivals. broke ground on a new study to determine exactly which sports fans are the most intelligent. If you’re a fan of the WWE, NHL, or Boston sports, you’ll be very happy with the results to come. If you’re a fan of NASCAR, MLB, or New York sports, not so much.


The Process

To determine intelligence, How To Bet worked with a team of professional psychologists to administer IQ tests to a sample of 1,006 sports fans.

Subjects had to be a fan of at least one of these major sports: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Motor racing, or Wrestling.

The IQ test consisted of four parts: Verbal Intelligence, Mathematical Ability, Logical Reasoning, and Visual Reasoning.

In the end, participants in the study were asked demographic questions that helped break the study down further.


The Results: Major Sports Rankings


Without further ado, Howtobet’s most intelligent sports fans belong to… the WWE!!!

Fans of wrestling led the way in the study, with an average IQ of 112.60.


For reference, according to, the average adult IQ is 100.


  • Fans of the NHL were right behind the WWE, with an average IQ of 112.30.

  • NBA fans were third in the study, at 110.70. NFL fans were next at 105.90, followed by MLB fans at 101.30.

  • NASCAR fans brought up the rear, with an average IQ coming in at 95.20.


WWE fans led the way in both Verbal Intelligence scores and Logical Reasoning. NHL fans took the other top spots for Mathematical Ability and Visual Reasoning. The two leagues were the only two to place in the top three in all four categories.


NASCAR finished last in three of the four areas of the test, with their best score 4th in Logical Reasoning.


Broken Down by Team and Location


Howtobet did more than just group fan’s IQs by the league they most support. Sports fans usually do not identify with a league, they identify with a team (or, in the case of the WWE, an individual wrestler).


Pride is a big part of a sports fan’s identity, and this study will bring about more of it for some and less for others.


Most Intelligent


The most intelligent fans in the study were those that support the wrestler Roman Reigns, with an average IQ score of 126.4.


The WWE maintained their dominance in these rankings with the second-highest IQ as well. Fans that support wrestler Daniel Bryan had an average IQ of 122.2.


Of the four major American sports, it was Boston Bruins fans on top, third overall, with an IQ of 120.3.


Fans of the Houston Texans are the smartest in the NFL, with fans of the Chicago Bulls slightly holding the edge over Celtics fans for the NBA.


The MLB is notably scarce on the list of the Top 20 Most Intelligent Sports fans, with the one inclusion the Boston Red Sox fans, at 19th.


In total, here’s how each league breaks down in the list of the Top 20 Most Intelligent:


  • NBA: 6

  • NHL: 5

  • WWE: 4

  • NFL: 4

  • MLB: 1


Least Intelligent


Fans of Joe Gibbs racing are the least intelligent fans in sports, according to this study. The average IQ of the NASCAR team was 78.2.


NASCAR takes the three bottom spots in the rankings, on-trend with the overall study, with fans of Front Row Motorsports and Richard Childress Racing rounding out the bottom three.


The least intelligent NBA fans belong to the Miami Heat, with an average IQ of 81.6.

Curiously, the least intelligent NFL fans are New England Patriots fans, which contradicts the other three major Boston teams being on the Most Intelligent list.


There are no NHL teams or WWE fans on the list, with the rest of the rankings largely consisting of NFL and MLB fans.


Three New York teams are on the list of Least Intelligent, followed by two representatives each for the cities of Los Angeles and Philadelphia.


In total, here’s how each league breaks down in the list of the Top 20 Least Intelligent:


  • NFL: 8

  • MLB: 6

  • NASCAR: 5

  • NBA: 1

For a complete look at the Top 20 Most Intelligent Sports Fans and Top 20 (or bottom, depending on how you look at it) Least Intelligent Sports Fans, explore’s study for yourself.